Champagne Wishes, Cocktails & Dreams

The final days of service at H. Harper Station were a whirlwind of emotions and Old Fashioneds; It was indeed the wildest party I've ever been a part of. When my husband and I turned in the keys to the old train station a few days later, we were sad, relieved, and utterly exhausted. Over a bottle of Champagne (or two) that afternoon we set to figuring out the rest of our lives. It has been 7 months since that day, and I can't say for certain we've figured it out yet (I reckon that is how life will always go), but we have made the realization that creative expression is something we both need in our lives. My husband, Jerry, has found this in his writing, as well as in his cocktail recipes, and his first book combining both will be out this time next year. I prefer to make pictures, hence this site. Both of us are still very excited and optimistic about the potential to open another bar/restaurant concept (or two), but we are not trying to rush it. I feel that closing the restaurant was a lot like going through a divorce; it isn't that we don't want to have a relationship again, but we needed a reasonable amount of time to heal and refocus. Also, it was expensive as hell. So this is all just to say if you came to this site and took the time to read this blog post, Thank you. Thank you so much. Having the time to focus on visual art again has been an incredible blessing born of a difficult time. My gratitude for those who show an interest and have supported me thus far is hard to put into words.

The first glass after we turned in the keys.

Going forward, I intend to use this blog to document process, progress, and of course, food, wine and cocktails. Welcome and Cheers!

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