Krista went to school for visual art and art history at Rollins college in Winter Park, FL, but found a new love in the art of wine while studying in Germany. Eventually moving to California, she became a sommelier, and became enlightened in foodways in general. Krista has worked for over a decade in the world of wine, spirits and restaurants; most recently co-owning H. Harper Station in Atlanta alongside her husband Jerry. After opting to close up shop in 2016 after nearly 6 years, Krista has had more time to paint and draw, and started by drawing what she knows best: food and drink. "There is so much of beauty to be found in the color, shapes, and texture of what we consume."



Krista's partners & clients include:

The Southern Foodways Alliance

The Bitter Southerner


The National 

Tales of The Cocktail

BEVCON Charleston